Jetcraft Mobile Pro Familiarization

Jetcraft Avionics is introducing an advanced PC based simulation and familiarization program called Mobile Pro developed by The new head up display (HUD) simulator program brings extensive and sophisticated HUD operation to PC’s and laptop’s, enabling anyone to experience the new technology. Mobile Pro is a custom development that may include your own aircraft and home airport. The simulator provides complete and functional HUD simulation and familiarization capability with flight guidance, autopilot, navigation, approach and upset recovery. It is a full IFR capable flight display for all phases of flight.

It also provides enhanced vision overlay simulating adjustable levels of low visibility into the flight environment. This Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) simulation enables a crew to experience low visibility operations including those where lower credits are provided.

Mobile Pro is just like the real thing being intuitive and easy to operate. The HUD simulator displays all symbology, flight guidance and annunciation operating just as the actual aircraft. This includes the ability to transition from the HUD to the primary flight display and back again.

Specifically Mobile Pro simulates a Jetcraft HUD Vision Access system using the actual AT-HUD operating in the Challenger CL604 and later CL605/CRJ aircraft.Mobile Pro is designed to be displayed on multiple devices including large format projectors and monitors. It has the ability to capture video for the purpose of post flight simulation evaluation. Mobile Pro uses a HOST Platform to support MAC and PC laptops or tower/desktop computers.

Jetcraft’s Mobile Pro has been developed at many levels enabling short video clips for marketing and sales, familiarization videos for aviation departments and full potential training video capability for flight crews.

Mobile Pro is not approved as a specific training device, tool or program. Anyone seeking the use of Mobile Pro for formal training purposes will be required to submit an application for approval from the appropriate certification authority.

Mobile Pro uses X-Plane software and may not be used for profit or reward unless a specific one time license is acquired from X-Plane.

HUD Vision Access Mobile-Pro-Training

Head up display with Enhanced Vision (on top), Head up display symbology (on bottom)

Jetcraft Mobile Pro highlights:

  • The Jetcraft Mobile Pro is a PC-based mobile familiarization tool.
  • Jetcraft Mobile Pro is offered to avionics specialists, all pilots, and Jetcraft Corporation customers.
  • The tool includes software, a joystick, a laptop and/or desktop and a Jetcraft Plug-in
  • Jetcraft Mobile Pro can
    • be configured for aircraft and HUD-specific options
    • be adapted for FAA-approved training
    • simulate thousands of runway end approaches
    • be used for trip preparation
    • be used to analyze landing performance