Electronic Flight Vision Systems for FAA NextGen

The FAA’s NextGen Program for airspace envisions advanced sensor and display technology to enable nationwide low visibility operations. The video above, featuring former FAA Associate Administrator Nick Sabatini, describes the forward vision of air traffic.

EFVS systems include Jetcraft’s HUD Vision Access.

Being best equipped and best served through operational credits and performance benefits, EFVS will enhance all ramp-to-ramp phases of flight encompassing taxi, take off, approach and landing.

Night and day situational awareness for terrain, cloud formation, airport lights, city lights and other features further enhances the experience of implementing EFVS.

HUD Vision Access will afford you operating cost reductions, greater on-time performance, and less fuel burn used during taxi, hold and diversion. According to the FAA, EFVS equipped aircraft will benefit from several operational improvements identified in the NextGen implementation plan (NGIP) while bringing other significant operational and safety improvements in the flying experience for both pilots and passengers. Improved flight capabilities enhance operations for conventional ILS, LPV, LNAV, VNAV and other approaches via lower minimums. Simply said, HUD Vision Access allows you to see in the visual segment and continue the approach to land.

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Jetcraft Avionics introduced HUD Vision Access in 2012