Jetcraft Avionics Plays A Key Role In Measuring Nextgen Performance

October 1st, 2012

Jetcraft Avionics plays a key role in measuring NextGen performance. 
Please read the October 2012 issue of RTCA digest here.

The House Aviation Subcommittee held a hearing in mid-September on the status of NextGen implementation. In addition to receiving testimony from a government panel, the Subcommittee also heard from a second industry panel that provided their prospectives from the aircraft, airport operator, and controller perspectives. The NextGen Advisory Council (NAC) forms part of this industry representation. The NAC sub committee consists of dedicated working and task groups contributing to meaningful ways to measure NextGen performance in which Jetcraft Avionics plays a key role. Jetcraft Avionics’ Ken Elliot is an active member of the task group that produced the “Metrics for Measuring NextGen Implementation” and he leads the task group that produced the “Fuel Burn Data Source Report”.

Jetcraft is committed to furthering the needs and benefits of business aviation and facilitating the primary pillars of NextGen.